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Product Launch & Video

3M™ Precision Poly Tape

In the automotive aftermarket repair world, auto body painters are artists, each with their own unique approach to making damaged vehicles look brand new quickly. For years, they have relied on traditional paper masking tapes from 3M as a key tool, so when 3M set out to launch a new poly-based tape with enhanced performance features, it meant disrupting an entire category and some deeply ingrained practices.


When a product is specified into a process like paint repair, everyone from the shop owner to procurement to the team working on the floor needs to buy in on any replacement that would radically change how they work. 3M’s unique polymeric tape was a better solution for its straight snap tear, its flexible curving, and its one-piece clean removal, but none of that would matter if we were unable to clearly understand and demonstrate the value of the new solution.


To help craft the right story, Spot went right to the source, touring numerous auto body repair shops to ask questions, see demonstrations of established practices, and demo the new tape to our target audiences. We gathered insights that helped us identify prioritized messaging, tone, and tactics for a global marketing launch campaign, including digital, traditional sales toolkits and animated videos.


Armed with concise, clear and globally relevant marketing materials, the product launched successfully and saw immediate adoption among many auto body shops within the initial weeks of hitting distributor shelves. It served as the first in a whole new line of poly-based automotive masking tapes that continue to revolutionize how paint repair work gets done.